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IRA Project Request - Associated Students, Inc.
The Associated Students, Inc. is the official student voice of California State University, Dominguez Hills
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IRA Project Request

Instructionally Related Activities (IRA) Overview

The Instructionally Related Activities Fee, mandated by the California Education Code 89230, serves to support essential educational experiences that complement the fundamental mission of the institution. Established to alleviate demand on Associated Student Body funds, the fee aims to underwrite authorized programs and services based on student priorities. It supplements General Fund appropriations for instructionally related activities deemed integral to a quality educational program. The objectives include reducing reliance on student fees, offering additional funding, and ensuring stable financial support for crucial educational initiatives.


Fee Structure and Allocation Process

Students contribute to IRA through a semester fee, currently set at $5.00, supporting activities such as class trips, research conferences, and university events not covered by tuition. The total budget amounts to around $200,000 per academic year, with plans to raise the fee to $15 per semester. The decision-making process involves a committee comprising representatives from Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, faculty, and students. This committee, appointed by the President, follows a timeline where proposals are sought in September, reviewed in November/December, and decisions communicated by January/February.


Policy and Reporting Guidelines

The IRA policy outlines supported activities, including athletics, performances, exhibitions, and publications, while excluding payroll expenses, equipment, and non-course-related activities. IRA funds must be spent by the fiscal year-end (June 30th), adhering to state policies. Recipients of IRA awards are required to submit an annual report by August, summarizing program outcomes and fund usage, to be considered for future funding. This structured approach ensures transparent, accountable, and effective utilization of IRA funds in enriching the educational experience at California State University, Dominguez Hills.