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Associated Students, Inc. | Social Media Policy
The Associated Students, Inc. is the official student voice of California State University, Dominguez Hills
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Social Media Policy


Social media consists of Internet applications that allow users to communicate and share information to one another online. Associated Students, Inc. at California State University, Dominguez Hills, utilizes social media to promote events and programs hosted by ASI and other on-campus organizations. In addition, social media serves as a tool to increase student involvement on campus, to inform student concerns, direct users to informational websites, and create a helpful and welcoming Internet environment.


This Social Media Policy serves to protect Associated Students, Inc.’s legal interests and reputation, including its students, faculty, and staff through the responsible and reliable usage of all social media outlets belonging to ASI Marketing, Programming, and Public Relations personnel.


Social media sites including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and the ASI website allow Associated Students Inc. to accomplish their mission statement and goals regarding students’ representation at CSU Dominguez Hills. This policy applies to all students and professional staff, Student at Large interns and volunteers, and Board of Directors who share, like, post, create, or appear on all of ASI’s social media platforms.



On behalf of Associated Students, Inc. the Social Media Policy and stated guidelines are ensured by the Program Assistant for Social Media, under the direction of the ASI Program Coordinator. The Program Assistant for Social Media is also authorized to create new social media accounts, pages, or groups that represent Associated Students, Inc. online. In addition, the Program Assistant for Social Media or an authorized individual appointed by the Program Assistant for Social Media is expected to manage all accounts responsibly, ethically, and professionally under direct supervision by the Program Coordinator.


All social media log in information, such as usernames, emails, and passwords, are to remain confidential to everyone except for the Program Assistant for Social Media and the Program Coordinator. In addition, all private messages and student interactions with Associated Student, Inc. on the Internet is classified and confidential. This serves to protect both ASI and student’s privacy, while maintaining a positive public environment to all viewers. If any information is shared and compromised, the Program Assistant for Social Media or the Program Coordinator shall be notified to resolve the situation immediately.


Any posts, comments, or accounts on Associated Students, Inc. social media platforms are authorized to be edited or deleted at the discretion of the Program Assistant for Social Media. Replying to questions, comments, and concerns on social media are also allowed by the Program Assistant for Social Media. Such responses on behalf of ASI are expected to be posted promptly with appropriate information to tend to student’s needs.


If any changes or exemptions of the Social Media Policy are implemented for Associated Students, Inc.’s overall needs and interests, they must be suggested by the Program Assistant for Social Media or the Program Coordinator and approved by the Executive Director.


There is zero-tolerance for discrimination, harassment, and abuse of any kind on all of Associated Students, Inc. social media outlets and in the workplace. Any misconduct or non-compliance with the Social Media Policy will result in appropriate disciplinary action.



The Social Media Policy shall be implemented immediately following the Associated Students, Inc. Board of Directors approval.  This policy shall be reviewed annually for any needed revisions or updates.


Approved by the Rules, Policies and Procedures Committee on September 29, 2017