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Club Points Policy - Associated Students, Inc.
The Associated Students, Inc. is the official student voice of California State University, Dominguez Hills
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Club Points Policy

Club Points
Club points are points given to RECOGNIZED and ACTIVE organizations on the campus of CSU, Dominguez Hills. Club points are earned by attending or hosting the events listed below. To receive points for attending or hosting events, organizations must submit a Club Points Sheet to the Organization Commissioner no later than one week after the event. At the last Organizations Commission meeting of the academic year, first, second, and third place awards will be given to the organization that holds the most club points.


The purpose of the policy is to provide overall guidance to the Organizations Commission club point system to ensure the system does not change from year to year in its overall content but remains consistent in order to provide fairness to those clubs and organizations who participate with ASI through the ASI Organizations Commission.


Only members of recognized clubs and organizations are eligible to receive club points. Club points will be given to each club or organization who attend events by a sign-in sheet or other items of proof. The University President or their designee will check with the Office of Student Life (OSL) for verification of registration of the organization or its members if necessary.

Each organization sponsoring an event must ensure that the event increases awareness on campus such as philanthropy, guest speakers, and cultural awareness. When a student organization and/or Greek organization is sponsoring an event, they must register their event on Toro Link. The sponsoring organization shall email the Chair of the Clubs and Organizations Commissions a link to their event registration.

The CLUB POINT sheet must be submitted via Toro Link or Social Media, no later than a week after the event. Failure to turn in club points sheet at the required time will forfeit the club/org from earning points for that event.

Members are only allowed to represent up to two clubs at any given event (i.e. if you are a member of the TV club, Film club, and Theater club, you will only be able to represent two of those organizations). In the event, a member signs-in for more than two organizations will result in that member receiving no points for none of the clubs.

Student Organizations and Greeks sponsoring an Organization Showcase will be eligible for club points only when ALL organizations are given an opportunity to attend the sponsored showcase. Examples: events such as Toro Days, Unity Fest, Welcome Week. Each hosting organization is required to assign one executive officer to submit club points.


Awards and Accolades
The Chair of the Clubs and Organizations Committee will submit a count of all club points to the commission two times a semester. At the last Clubs and Organization Commission meeting, the top three clubs and/or organizations will be recognized for their outstanding contribution for the school year.


1. Representing more than two clubs and organizations at any events listed in the club point’s chart within the policy.
2. Members of a club or organization that sponsors or co-sponsors an event will not be able to receive volunteer and/or attendance points as well.
3. Members of clubs or organizations that volunteer or are employed at/for campus events will not be eligible to receive attendance points as well.
4. Clubs and organizations that do not submit the club points within one week will not be eligible to receive any points for the said event.
5. If points are submitted by a non-executive officer points will be considered invalid.