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Resolution in Support of a University Toro Hour - Associated Students, Inc.
The Associated Students, Inc. is the official student voice of California State University, Dominguez Hills
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Resolution in Support of a University Toro Hour

Authors (2017-2018):         Justin Blakely, ASI President; Grace Iheke, Vice President of Academic Affairs; Caithlyn Torres, Vice President of Finance; ​Christian Jackson, Organizations Commissioner; Carolyn Tinoco, Director of Student Services; Celina Valdez, Representative for College of Business Administration and Public Policy; Makonnen Nixon, Student Activities Commissioner


WHEREAS,  The Associated Students, Incorporated (ASI) of California State University, Dominguez Hills is the official voice of the 15,000 students; and


WHEREAS, it is the mission of the ASI “to advocate for the student rights, render an official voice through which students’ opinions may be expressed and provide educational, social and cultural activities which enhance student life at California State University, Dominguez Hills”; and


WHEREAS,  California State University, Dominguez Hills’ mission is: “We provide education, scholarship and service that are, by design, accessible and transformative. We welcome students who seek academic achievement, personal fulfillment, and preparation for the work of today and tomorrow”;1 and


WHEREAS, the California State University 2018 Master Plan “offers guidance for future   development that is intended to maintain and enrich the campus as an attractive, accessible, safe and functional environment for learning, living, recreation and culture to serve CSU Dominguez Hills students, faculty, staff and visitors as well as the surrounding region and its communities”2; and


WHEREAS,  the University Toro Hour implementation would increase campus life and spirit, provide more opportunity for students to engage in educational programming, academic advising, increase attendance at University campus events, clubs and organizations meetings, university committees, support time, place and manner; and


WHEREAS, a University Toro Hour will enable students and faculty to meet without the constraints of an inflexible schedule; and


WHEREAS, students do not have a reserved time for public expression for issues that    concern them; and


WHEREAS, CSUDH has in the past faced issues with time, place, and manner with the community causing student to feel unheard and unsafe; and


WHEREAS, implementing the University Toro Hour Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday within the regular academic schedule would be a benefit towards shared governance amongst faculty, staff, administration, students, and the community; and


WHEREAS, a substantial amount of learning and development for students takes place    outside classrooms through student, staff, and faculty interaction; and


WHEREAS, other California State University campuses such as: Cal Poly Pomona, Los Angeles, San Marcos, Humboldt, Northridge, Monterey Bay, and East Bay all have an implemented University Hour and have found it to be well received by many university stakeholders; be it further;


RESOLVED, the University Toro Hour will help regulate the time, place, and manner issue, allowing students and the community to feel heard and their speech protected; be it further


RESOLVED, the University Toro Hour will provide more opportunities for campus reservation of classrooms and conference rooms for students, faculty and staff; be it further


RESOLVED, that the CSUDH ASI Board of Directors encourages the implementation of the University Toro Hour on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 11:30am-12:45pm; and; be it further


RESOLVED, that the ASI Board of Directors strongly recommends that a University Hour start in the academic school year of Fall 2019-2020; be it further


RESOLVED, that ASI supports the concept of collaborating with all university stakeholders to fully implement and upkeep the University Hour at CSUDH; and be it further


RESOLVED, that ASI recommends that the Academic Senate, CSUDH President, and Faculty/Staff support establishing a University Hour for CSUDH; be it further


RESOLVED, the copies of the resolution be distributed widely, and specifically to: The students of CSUDH; University President, Dr. Willie J. Hagan; Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Michael Spagna; Interim Vice President of Administration and Finance, Ms. Naomi Goodwin, Vice President of Student   Affairs, Dr. William Franklin, Vice President of University Advancement, Ms. Carrie Stewart; Vice President of Information Technology, Mr. Chris Manriquez; Special Assistant for Strategic Academic Initiatives, Dr. Keith Boyum; The    California State Student Association (CSSA); the Academic Senate; Interim Director of University Housing, Dr. Stephen J. Rice; College of Education; College of Health and Human Services and Nursing; College of Arts and Humanities; College of Natural and Behavioral Sciences; College of Business of Administration and Public Policy; College of Extended and International Education; Interim Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Hamoud Salhi; Assistant Dean of Students, Ms. Anna Liza Garcia; Office of the Chancellor.


1 CSU Dominguez Hills- History, Mission, Values:


2 CSU Dominguez Hills 2018 Draft Master Plan (Executive Summary)-…master- plan/csudh_2018-draftmasterplan_report_ final-draft_4aug17.pdf