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Business Etiquette - Associated Students, Inc.
The Associated Students, Inc. is the official student voice of California State University, Dominguez Hills
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Business Etiquette


Business Etiquette is a bi-annual event hosted by the Associated Students, Inc. in collaboration with the Career Center at CSU Dominguez Hills. The goal of this event is to learn how to properly conduct yourself in a dining environment. Which fork do you grab when the salad is served? Do you grab the left or the right water cup when you’re thirsty? If you’re at dinner on your boss’ dime, what foods don’t make you look less professional? These questions become rudementary after attending a Business Etiquette course. All Business Etiquette events require a $10 refundable deposit in order to reserve your spot at the event. Sign-ups will take place in the ASI office when advertised.

Business Etiquette Dinner - Table Settings
Dining Like A Boss - Thomas Talking


Mocktails and Managers is a formal cocktail setting designed to improve your networking skills. Learn how to properly grab a tasty ordeurve while holding your beverage and engaging with employers. Don’t worry if you drop that cocktail weenie though, the point is to experience and learn from this course without any real world consequences. The Career Center will bring real employers to the event to help coach and encourage proper engagement behavior, so it may be worthwhile to bring an extra resume and some business cards with you.


Dining like a Boss is a crash course in how to properly engage with employers during a formal sit-down dinner. It can be confusing with three sets of silverware and as many plates sitting in front of you. Thankfully, ASI and the Career Center are here to help yet again. This course will also recommend what to order and how to avoid making a mess while your boss is talking about your performance. The Career Center will also be able to answer any burning questions you have to ensure you are fully prepared for these settings moving forward.

Dining Like a Boss - Sit Down Wide Shot