The mission of the Associated Students, Inc. is to provide leadership opportunities for the students that will ensure responsible and effective participation in the shared governance of the campus. ASI advocates for student rights, render the official voice through which students’ opinions may be expressed, and provide educational, social, and cultural activities which enhance student life at California State University, Dominguez Hills. We operate under the three core values of leadership, advocacy, and student growth.

Associated Students, Inc. | Executive Committee
The Associated Students, Inc. is the official student voice of California State University, Dominguez Hills
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Executive Committee


Christian Jackson – Headshot

Chairperson to the Executive Committee.

Christian Jackson

ASI President

The purpose of the Executive Committee is to review budget matters, resource allocations, student services and program reviews. Meetings of this committee shall follow the meeting requirements of the Board of Directors. The Executive Committee will coordinate corporate staff and resources as needed to accomplish tasks for the efficient and smooth operation of the Corporation’s affairs. Specifically, the Executive Committee shall:

1. Be presented all pertinent information by the Executive Director. The Executive Committee will review this information on a regular basis. Such reviews shall be used to advise or recommend action to the Board of Directors.

2. Be notified of any proposed amendments to the previously approved corporate budget.

3. Assist the Board of Directors in review of student services and Corporation-supported programs through direction of staff and coordination of resources including all evaluation reports and pertinent budget documents.

4. Act as an emergency operational decision making committee to perform the duties of the Board of Directors in the event that the Board of Directors is between scheduled meetings, did not have quorum at the meeting the item was on the agenda, or is unable to meet their duties as listed in these Bylaws.

5. Shall be responsible for appointing members and officers to various committees within the Corporation and the University.

6. Members of and advisors to the Executive Committee shall consist of the following:
a. The President of the Associated Students, Inc., who shall chair the Executive Committee
b. The Executive Vice President
c. The Vice President of Academic Affairs
d. The Vice President of Finance
e. The Executive Director or their designee, who shall not have voting privileges, but shall act in an advisory capacity
f. The University President or their designee, who shall not have voting privileges, but shall act in an advisory capacity