Enrollment is limited to children between 2.9 and 10 years of age. Children must be toilet-trained and in good health.

A limited number of families may be eligible for state-subsidized fees. Priority guidelines are set by the California Department of Education and are based on family size and income. Faculty and staff pay full cost. Part-time or full-time care is available with flexible scheduling. Fees vary based on hours of enrollment. Discounts are given if more than one child from a family is enrolled at the Center.

Students may request childcare based on their class schedules and a reasonable amount of study time. Students, who have part-time jobs on campus, may be accommodated during work hours.

A waiting list of interested families is maintained for the purpose of determining priority for new enrollment. It is recommended that interested parents sign up on the waiting list at least one semester in advance of enrollment. The necessary forms can be obtained at the Center during hours of operation (forms cannot be mailed).

For information regarding cost of enrollment, please contact the CDC at (310) 243-1015